Amicus Certified Reseller

Certified Reseller

We are certified to sell and support many software solutions. Legal Practice Management, Document Management, and many other products to make your firm productive and profitable.
Amicus Certified Reseller

Certified Consultant

We offer hands on and comprehensive Certified Training and Support. We are trained and certified to deliver effective, quick, and quality support for the brands and products you rely on for practice, communications, email, and document management. Whether your preference is for a desktop or Cloud solution, we have can support, train, and help you!
Amicus Certified Reseller

Legal Process Management

We integrate the best aspects of Legal Project Management with Process Analysis, Definition, and Optimization. Leveraging a decade of experience and success in analyzing, defining, and launching processes that will make your practice and business work for you. One size does not fit all, we provide personalized attention to the details that matter most to your bottom line.
Amicus Certified Reseller

Support and Train

You have the talent, the best software, but need to create and implement processes and procedures to achieve maximum productivity. Our team will train and support you to effectively leverage Paperless and Green processes and technologies.
Amicus Certified Reseller


We can assist in building any technological infrastructure you may require for your legal practice. Develop and deploy websites, POS, eCommerce, and mobile applications. We have graphic artists on our team to beautify your site, firm creatives, or even help with Legal and Trial Graphics.
Amicus Certified Reseller

Software Customization

One size does not fit all. We work with you to customize your technology to meet your firm's specific needs. Create reporting or accessibility options for extended mobile control of your firm and data.


Amicus Certified Reseller

Solo Practioner

If your just starting out or are a solo practitioner we offer cost effective and productive solutions that make sense for you.
Amicus Certified Reseller

Small - Medium Firm

Solutions geared and to address the specialized needs of a small firm are offered and supported.
Amicus Certified Reseller

Large Firm

Enterprise scale solutions are available and we have experience working in this demographic with or without in house IT. Many large firms have in house technical or network support, but they are not experience with specific solutions or technology that is process orientated.
Amicus Certified Reseller

Remote Access

There is a growing need for remote and freelance legal workers. We provide solutions to facilitate remote access to file and client information.