Amicus Cloud®

Amicus Cloud works on any platform with a modern browser. PC's and Macs of course. And it has been optimized for tablets like the iPad. Which means you work with your live data anywhere you go. Freedom to work the way you want to.

Amicus Cloud has all the features you would expect in the professional side of practice management: Matter management, Calendaring, Task management, Contacts, Phone Call management, Document management, global full-text searches and reports.

One of the key ingredients to the magic in Amicus Cloud is that Microsoft® Exchange® has been built right into it. So all the advantages of this world-leading system become just a part of your solution.

Amicus Cloud is built on the most advanced, secure and reliable cloud hosting platform in the world: Microsoft® Azure®. You can have confidence that your data is being maintained by the best. And when it comes to you across the Internet, it is 256-bit encrypted - bank-grade security.

Product Features
  • Secure Access from any Browser
  • 256-bit encrypted bank-grade security
  • Time Tracker
  • Dailies
  • File Management
  • Email
  • Communications
  • And Much More!