Symphony Suite is software that helps your firm process and manage electronic document more effectively.

Symphony Suite allows your firm to optimize the scanning processes and automatic OCR technologies to manage paper documents with the same level of efficiency as it manages electronic documents.

Optimized Scanning

  • Scan documents quickly and easily
  • Minimize training time for clerical staff
  • Remove the “thinking” from scanning
  • Reduce filing errors
  • Reduce labor costs
  • Decrease time associated with non-billable activities
  • Improve overall operational efficiencies

Automatic OCR

  • Make ANY and ALL documents text-searchable, regardless of origin
  • Cut scanning time in half by turning off your scanner’s OCR feature
  • Never use the scanner keypad again
  • Search and find filed documents in seconds
  • Scan a large number of documents at the same time

Symphony OCR enables firms who use Worldox or Windows Folder Tree structures to conduct full text search functionality for all PDF and TIFF documents.